Aceitunas marinadas

Spanish manzanilla olives marinated with thyme and citrus (vegan)


Tabla de Jamon y Manchego

Platter of Serrano ham, from Juviles or Manchego cheese


Patatas bravas

Crispy potatoes with spicy sauce (vegan)

Pollo a la cerveza

Chicken cooked in Spanish beer


Pollo en pepitoria

Chicken cooked with egg, walnuts and saffron

Pollastre amb prunes i pinyons

Chicken slowly cooked with prunes and pine nuts

Albondigas en su salsa

Spanish meatballs with tomato sauce


Albondigas Moriscas

Meatballs cooked in an almond and saffron sauce

Mandonguilles amb sepia i pesols

Meatballs with cuttlefish and peas


Lentils in a rich broth (vegan)


Chorizo y setas al vino

Chorizo and mushrooms cooked in red wine


Fricando de vedella

Tender beef cooked with wild mushrooms

Gambas Pil Pil

Spicy garlic prawns

Bacalla amb samfaina

Cod with ratatouille


Setas al ajillo

Garlic mushrooms cooked with white wine and parsley (vegan)


Espinacas con pasas y pinyons

Spinach with pine nuts and raisins (vegan)


Coliflor amb romesco

Chilled blanched coliflour with nutty red pepper sauce (vegan)

Pimientos rellenos

Red pepper stuffed with olives, capers and raisins (vegan)

Fricando de cigrons

Chickpeas and wild mushrooms (vegan)

Lentejas estofadas

Classic dish of lentils with pork belly and chorizo