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Authentic Spanish Paella

Paella is the perfect way to create a warm sociable atmosphere to enjoy precious time with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. It's a crowd-pleasing showstopper for large events.

We provide genuine Spanish paella catering using Spanish rice, saffron and authentic seasonings

with the freshest local products. We offer different options of paella including seafood, meat, combined or vegetarian. Experience a true taste of Spain! 

Our Paella Suggestions

with Spanish rice and saffron, authentic seasonings, tomato, onion and peppers


Popular - our most requested paella

Chicken and chorizo with butter beans and green beans

(add prawns)

Vegetariana - healthy and delicious

Trio of beans with mushrooms, courgettes and snap peas (vegan)


Garbanzos y Setas - earthy and tasty

Chickpeas and wild mushrooms with mangetout (vegan)

De La Huerta - veggie delight

Cauliflower, asparagus and roasted red peppers (vegan)


Carne - pork four ways

Pork belly, pork chop, chorizo and sausage with green beans

Mar y Montana  - a classic mix of land and sea

Pork chop, chicken, prawns and squid with mangetout


Marinera Senorito - for the sea lovers and easy to eat (no shells/tentacles)

Cod, hake, king prawns and squid

Marinera Superior - brings the full flavour of the sea (with shells and tentacles) 

Hake, tiger prawns, king prawns, mussels, squid and cuttlefish


Valenciana- the most traditional for the adventurous foodies

Rabbit, chicken thigh, white beans and  flat green beans

All of our paellas are gluten and dairy free and we offer a vegetarian option at no extra charge.

​We cater for all occasions including large parties of 700+ people.

We also provide a wide range of authentic tapas to accompany your paella, so you can enjoy the full experience like in a summer night in Barcelona...

We can operate indoors or outdoors with our own gazebo


Give us a call on 07584 628053 for a quote

The paella is served street food style, giving a festival atmosphere and feeding large numbers in a short period of time. It is spectacular to prepare the paella in front of your guests, and it offers them a great interactive experience.

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