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Pinchos(bite sized skewers)


Melon con jamon

Piel de sapo melon with Serrano ham from Juviles


Manchego y membrillo

Award winning Manchego cheese with quince paste


Tortilla con salmon

Spanish omelette with smoked salmon


Gamba al pimenton

King prawn with sweet paprika from La Vera


Tomate y mozzarella

Cherry tomato and mozzarella with basil and balsamic (V)

Chupito de gazpacho

Tomato and cucumber soup, served cold (vegan)

Montaditos(served on bread)


Jamon y tomate

Serrano ham from Juviles, cured for 16 months served with Catalan style fresh tomato



Spanish salami with garlic, peppercorns and nutmeg



Cured pork loin from Duroc pigs, marinated with paprika and spices


Chorizo iberico

Paprika sausage from white pigs cured for 2-4 months


Fuet tartare

Catalan salami minced with capers and parsley served with balsamic drizzle


Salmon a la francesa

Smoked salmon, spring onion, capers and crème fraiche

Valdeon y miel

Blue cheese from Asturias with honey


Escalivada/ amb anchova

Roasted red pepper and aubergine (vegan)/with anchovy


Queso de cabra con cebolla

Goat cheese and caramelised onion (V)


Tapenade de aceitunas y piñones

Green olives blended with pine nuts, lemon, parsley and extra virgin olive oil (vegan)


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